Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Change of Mind

It has been a quite a few week since I have completed my 20-Time project which was just to plan out the steps I would need to take in order to achieve my goal which was to have my career of choice, aerospace engineering. A few weeks after planning everything out I began to lose interest in the topic of aerospace but not in engineering. This began a search for some other sort of engineering career in which I would like to work in. Lately the whole "buzz" has been about the latest smart phones and also their accessories such as the new smart watches.
The hard ware is what has been really intriguing to me. The new advancements with the smartphones lately with their "retina displays" and "20 megapixel cameras" has really found my interest. I have found myself doing hours of research on these things and I decided that, like Steve Jobs and Tim Cook, I would like to become an industrial engineer.
Doing this would give me the chance to design computers and smartphones and express my ideas to the technology industry. I would like to make something that completely rethinks the idea of communication with people through hand held devices. Going into this different area of engineering wouldn't even change many of my plans. Taking as many math and engineering classes as possible are already a part of my plans. The only things I would need to change would be college degree I was planning on and possibly the college choices I had in mind, but then again I have four more years to decide and change my mind.  

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Research for 20 time

With the information that I have researched, I believe that it would give a brief idea how to become an aerospace engineer and could possibly interest one into looking into the field or other similar careers that have to do with space.
Recently I have been working on the rough draft for my 20 time informative essay which has been somewhat frustrating even though i have most of the information for it already. I am just trying to find a better way to word it. My goal for the project is just to give a good oral presentation in january and pass the class with a decent grade.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Professional Opportunities

As I have said before there are many opportunities In the field of space travel. My personal choice is to become an aerospace engineer. Since this is my project there is not much to say about it that I haven't already about the matter.  I love it and it's a tough job to get.
By tough , like I've said before, I mean it requires a high GPA (at least 3.8) and an even higher ACT score (at least a 32). I MEAN VERY HIGH. This is the only part I don't like. I also don't like how they put it out to be an easy job to get since it is in the S.T.E.M field. While it may be is to the job, it definitely isn't an easy job to get a degree in.

Monday, November 18, 2013

What I learned from 20-Time

  The most important thing I have learned through 20-Time thus far has been problem solving. I have had to find other ways to get needed information for my project. For example when I tried to call CalTech to ask the requirements to get in the call failed so I had to go online and research it my self.
Also when I couldn't remember what to say on pitch day I had to think quick instead of pulling my notes out and looking unprofessional. I would quickly look down at my keynote and see what it had to do with and start talking about that topic in my presentation. Instead of just giving up on these two occasions I learned to problem solve and still do what I had to do.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

20 Time Pitch Day

As I walked into class on Friday for the pitch day I felt extremely confident about myself as I usually do, but as the time to present approached i began to feel a bit nervous about if people would understand my project or not. As the time became nearer and nearer I wondered about other things such as "What if i talk really fast or i stutter?!" "What if I switch around my words and letters?!".
When it was time to present no one had come to me at first so I was a bit relieved. Then all of a sudden a couple shows up at my station! I can feel the sweat starting to build up as I begin to speak. It turns out it isn't too bad though! I was able to get through explaining my project with ease! (besides the fact that i left out a lot and my voice cracked too many times to count) At the end of my first presentation they gave me tips and told me things i didn't know about MY OWN topic! As the rest of the period went on, I fixed my previous mistakes and made my presentation better each time!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Time around a denser objects

So far I have figured out what colleges are the best in aerospace engineering and the top one one those is Caltech (California Institute of Technology) the only problem with that is some of the requirements. Yikes! Oh well I'll work on it. I always have my back up plan ready incase I fail!
Did you know time moves slower around denser  objects? I read that there is a theory that if you send a space ship to somehow orbit a black hole (one of the dense object know to man) then time would move slower for them and when they came back to earth 6 years could have past for us but it would only have been three for them. That pretty interesting. That could so day help with how we travel in space.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Achiving my goal

So I looked up the best schools for aerospace engineering and the best choice seemed to be California Institute of Technology , or "Caltech" for short. I found a phone number to call so I could ask questions on what the best way to get in was but I received no answer. So I decided to just look it up. What I found was a bit scary... I would need a GPA of at least  3.8 and an ACT score of at least 32 to even be considered into Caltech. You can imagine the sweat that ran down my face!
I decided to put that fact aside for a little while to consider the classes I might need to take. I have spoken to Mrs. Utter and she suggests I take as many math classes as possible and if there was any Science class I should take it should be astronomy. She also suggested taking engineering classes next year. I looked up what classes I should probably take online and it said the same thing.